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Introducing the Department of Econometrics
The Department of Econometrics was founded in 2009, under the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Balıkesir University Bandırma. The department was included in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University, which was established with the Law No. 6640 published in the Official Gazette dated 23 April 2015 and numbered 29335. Econometrics is generally defined as a cross-section of economics, statistics, and mathematics. In the department, English preparatory class practice is carried out depending on the student's request. In addition, the department has an academic staff consisting of two associate professors, three doctor lecturers, and four research assistants.
Education and academic activities in the department of econometrics, where instruction is given at the level of formal education, are carried out within the following departments:
• Department of Statistics
• Operations Division
There is a master's program with thesis within the Econometrics department.
Aims and Objectives of the Department
The primary purpose of the department of econometrics is to train "Econometrist/Econometrician with sufficient knowledge about econometrics and quantitative economics. Nowadays, it is not possible to interpret any economic event without using econometrics and statistics and to make predictions, and it is not believable. For this reason, the economist definitely needs an econometrist or a statistician, or he needs to learn econometrics or statistics. From this perspective, it is possible to define econometrist as an engineer of economics.
The main goal of the department is to provide intellectual depth by teaching students to ask questions, to think critically, to develop a worldview that is open to multi-faceted and alternative perspectives, and to work as a team. For this purpose, the department of econometrics provides a training and research formation based on multidimensional, critical, theoretical, and methodological pluralism, open to differences and based on interdisciplinary knowledge.
Program Qualifications

The program qualifications offered by the Econometrics Department at the end of their undergraduate education are listed below:
• Obtaining information through advanced data processing and having the necessary information at the theoretical and practical level
• Accessing original sources of information in the social sciences and behavioral sciences using written and visual records.
• Acquiring the skills to present the information related to the field with the technical equipment required by the area.
• To be able to use information about the area in making, implementing, and making decisions.
• Creating comments, having the ability to analyze, and developing these skills by establishing relations with the sub-branches and other areas of social sciences.
• Passing the criticism filter through the cause-effect relationship of the information obtained in the area.
• Competence in developing views and interpretations of social and behavioral phenomena.

Working Opportunities
Apart from the academic year, students of the Department of Econometrics can do internships in order to develop themselves and adapt to business life on a voluntary basis.
The Graduates of the Ministry of Development, Turkey Statistical Institute (TUIK), Central Bank, the Capital Markets Board (CMB), Treasury, Ministry of Economy, with the research units of all banks and ministries of insurance and business sector of all kinds are employed economists may work in research company they may have the opportunity. In addition, graduates can benefit from the opportunity to realize their careers academically, provided that they continue to graduate programs.
Mission and vision
Our Mission; as Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University Department of Econometrics, is (1) to educate students who do research, ask questions, and have critical thinking skills with national and international qualifications, (2) to produce universal knowledge in the light of the developments in the world, (3) to present the knowledge to the use of the society, and (4) to reach contemporary and scientific knowledge by educating scientists with sufficient equipment in the field.
Our vision; to become a department that competes in the field of econometrics, offers education and training at an international level, has a national and global understanding of science, works on solving the problems of our region and our country and thus contributes to development, and is intertwined with the world of science and technology.
Introduction to the Department of Econometrics Master's Program with Thesis
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• Introduction to the Department of Econometrics, Master's Program with Thesis