27 September 2023

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Detailed Information About Optional Preparatory Classes Placement Exam and Exam Venues

The Placement Test, which will be held on Wednesday, September 27, 2023, will be held at 13:00 in the halls specified in the attached file at BANU Central Campus for students who want to study the optional preparatory class.

If, as a result of the placement test, the number of students who WANT TO STUDY IN THE OPTIONAL PREPARATION CLASS is more than our quota; They will be ranked according to their YKS scores and placed in appropriate level classes, including 70% undergraduate-graduate, 20% associate degree and 10% foreign students, and will be announced on our website.

If, for any reason, there is a student who gives up their request to study in the Optional Preparatory Class (by filling out the cancellation petition in the previous announcements until the end of working hours on September 28, 2023, the student will be selected sequentially from the Optional Preparatory Class Reserve Student List). The reserve list will be shared on our website along with the exam results.


You can find your exam venues in the attached files, please make sure you are looking at the correct session.