Güncelleme Tarihi: 04 September 2023

Visitors: 71

Optional Prep Class Placement Exam (UPTADED)

Students who are placed in the Undergraduate/Associate Degree Programs of our University (whose language of education is Turkish) with the 2023 YKS and register via E-Government; Those who mark the option "I Want to Study Preparation" during the registration process will be taken to the "Optional Prep Class Placement Exam".  Students who make the registration process face-to-face will have the right to take the exam if they apply to the school they are registered with with the petition sent in the appendix. As a result of the Placement Exam, students who have been entitled to study in the "Optional Preparatory Class" but wish to continue in the Undergraduate/Associate Degree Program to which they are affiliated, must apply to the Vocational School of Foreign Languages ​​by the end of the working day on Thursday, 21 September 2023, with the Application Cancellation Petition attached.

Application Dates Faculty / Vocational Schools 28.08.2023 / 22.09.2023

Placement Exam 27.09.2023 13:00

Exam Place: BANÜ Central Campus