23 May 2023

Visitors: 58

Qualitative Method Approach Activity

On Thursday, May 25, 2023, between 09:00-17, a "Qualitative Method Approach Event" will be held at Fuat Sezgin Conference Hall for our faculty members and graduate students. The content of the event organized together with the Department of Political Science and Public Administration is as follows:
1. Overview of the History and Nature of Scientific Research
• The birth of modern science and the foundations of scientific research: A Look at Naturalism and Physics
• Rationalism and Empiricism; Deduction and Induction
• Philosophy of Science: Ontology, Epistemology and Methodology
• Basic methodological approaches: positivism, realism, constructivism, pragmatism, critical theory, scientific realism, reflectivism
• What is the difference between methodology and method? Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed method approaches

2. Philosophical Origins, Logic and Research Procedure of Qualitative Research Approach
• What is the research for? Descriptive, Explanatory, Exploratory, Insightful and Foresight-based research
• Research question and hypothesis in qualitative studies: where to start?
• Is patterning mandatory? Why is patterning important?
• Is patterning mandatory? Why is patterning important? Basic patterns in qualitative research: case study, phenomenology, narrative research, ethnography, grounded theory, meta-synthesis, historical research

3. Qualitative data collection methods and points to be considered while collecting data
• Qualitative data collection methods: observation-field work, interview, document analysis

4. Qualitative data analysis methods and codebook creation processes
• Content analysis, discourse analysis, process analysis
• How to create a codebook: Deductive and inductive method

5. Credibility and reliability in qualitative research
• What is validity, what is reliability, how should it be ensured, what methods are used?