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Erasmus Program: Cultural Exchange and Academic Opportunities

As the Department of Economics at Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University, we emphasize the importance of international experiences. We encourage our students to encounter cultural diversity, study in academic environments in different countries, and gain new perspectives. To achieve this goal, we offer the Erasmus program as an opportunity.

What is Erasmus?

The Erasmus program is an initiative by the European Union aimed at promoting student and academic staff exchanges among higher education institutions in Europe. The program was established to support collaboration and integration among European countries.

The Erasmus program offers participants the opportunity to study abroad or do internships at partner institutions abroad. Students can take some or all of their courses at another university with which their institution has an Erasmus agreement. Similarly, students interested in internships can benefit from the Erasmus program by doing internships in a different country.

The program is designed to facilitate students' academic transformations. This allows students to specialize in different academic environments while broadening their perspectives. Additionally, they have the opportunity to develop language skills and strengthen international relations by interacting with different cultures.

Under the Erasmus program, students are provided with scholarships for travel expenses and living costs. Furthermore, participants receive guidance and support services to facilitate the adaptation process and help them cope with any potential issues.

Erasmus in the Department of Economics

As the Department of Economics at Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University, we offer our students the opportunity to study abroad through the Erasmus program. This program enables our students to understand economic and social systems in different countries, observe international relations, and develop their academic skills.

Opportunities and Advantages

Studying abroad under the Erasmus program offers students a range of opportunities and advantages:

  • Discovering new cultures and establishing international relationships
  • Developing language skills and learning languages
  • Experiencing different educational systems and gaining new perspectives in academia
  • Personal development and increased self-confidence
  • Establishing international business connections and accessing career opportunities

Application Process and Support

Students interested in participating in the Erasmus program can benefit from the guidance and support services provided by our department. The application process includes detailed guidance to help students prepare the necessary documents and select suitable placement locations. Additionally, communication channels will be kept open to provide continuous support to students while they are abroad.

For more information about the Erasmus program and detailed information about the application process, please contact us or visit our website.(https://erasmus.bandirma.edu.tr/en/erasmus)

Erasmus Coordinator

Assoc.Prof.Hale KIRER LECUNA