19 September 2022

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Cost Accounting I and Cost Accounting II courses have been added to the Business Administration course plan as a COMPULSORY since 2022.

In this context, students who registered in 2022 and will enroll in the following years will take the Cost Accounting I course in the fall semester of the 3rd year; In the 3rd year spring semester, they will take Cost Accounting II as a COMPULSORY COURSE.

You can decide whether you will take the cost accounting course as a mandatory requirement by looking at your enrollment date. If your registration date is 2022, you must take these courses as a COMPULSORY COURSE, even if you came with a horizontal or vertical transfer.

Note: The students who are enrolled in 2022, that is, the registration date of our university is not 2022, but the students who choose this course because it is compulsory and want to change courses will be made through their ADVISOR on the ADD/REMOVE COURSES days (26 September-30 September). On this subject, you can contact your advisor on add/drop days.