Güncelleme Tarihi: 14 June 2023

Visitors: 236

Mission and Vision of Department

Mission of Department:

In the light of contemporary developments in education, it is our duty to train employees with entrepreneurial and managerial qualifications for the business world, to carry out studies that will contribute to academic development in the field of business science, to create added value, to produce information that catches the age and contributes to current issues, to share this information with stakeholders and to perpetuate continuous development.


Vision of Department:

To be a department that is preferred for its education and teaching quality, contributes to the development of business science, is equipped with the knowledge and competencies suitable for the expectations of working life, educates students with analytical decision-making ability and ethical values, and renews itself according to the principle of continuity. To contribute to both our graduate candidates who will take part in these projects and the industry by carrying out joint projects with industrial organizations around Bandırma.