Güncelleme Tarihi: 14 June 2023

Visitors: 227

Values and Objections of Department

Values of Department of Business Administration:

  • Participation and Pluralism
  • Scientific Education and Research
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Institutional Development
  • Authentic and Independent Education-Training
  • ​​Environmental Respect and Responsibility with Social Values
  • Internationality and Integration
  • Awareness of Quality and Continuous Improvement
  • Interdisciplinary Approach


Objectives of Department of Business Administration:

  • To enable students to produce scientific knowledge through research and publications, to synthesize and interpret this knowledge and to serve the society.
  • To ensure the qualitative development of education and training.
  • To support education and training within the framework of international norms.
  • To increase the capacity and quality of teaching and learning environments.
  • To carry out studies to increase the quality of projects that contribute to urban and regional development.
  • To provide international scientific research and publication production.
  • To have a sufficient number of qualified academic staff.
  • To present internationally accepted academic studies in the university environment where intellectual dynamism is captured.
  • To support research that will reveal independent and original thought.
  • To develop postgraduate research in terms of quality and quantity.